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Nh10 (2015) - Nh10 Filmini HD izle : Meera and Arjun are professionals living in Gurgaon. When Meera walks out of a party late one night, she gets attacked by a group of unknown men. Although she escapes through the skin of her teeth, it leaves her traumatized. Arjun, partly blaming himself for not being there that night, tries to make up for it by treating Meera to a luxurious desert holiday. As they stop on a Highway Dhaba for dinner, they witness a young girl being picked up by a bunch of hoodlums. Arjun chooses to step in, unmindful of the danger ahead. Meera and Arjun are happily married and presently working in Gurgaon. Emergency work forces Meera to break off from a party they both are in and she drives to work alone, when she is mugged. This gives her all reasons to obtain a licensed gun to protect herself from these harrowing experiences. This is when Arjun tries to ease things off by planning to celebrate Meera's birthday in a private villa in NH10, hours' drive away. Along their way, they encounter a young couple who are supposedly eloping, but are caught on the act. Here is where the learned urbane meets the rural; where the verdict of the sarpanch supersedes the law books governing the country. After her desert date goes wrong, a woman manages to not just stick it out but indeed give it back.
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Nh10 / Nh10 Online HD izle

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