A Night in Old Mexico
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A Night in Old Mexico

A Night in Old Mexico (2013) - A Night in Old Mexico Filmini HD izle : Forced to give up his land and his only home, cantankerous Texas rancher Red Bovie isn't about to go quietly to the dismal trailer park that's all he can now afford, and instead goes off with his grandson Gally son of his long estranged son Jimmy for one last wild and woolly adventure during a night in Old Mexico. Forced to abandon his ranch and land, Red Bovie (Robert Duvall) rejecting the impulse to become complacent in his old age, hops in his Cadillac and hightails it to Mexico while Gally (Jeremy Irvine) Red's grandson which he has just met, sits shotgun on his grandfather's brash adventure to learn more about him. Grandfather and grandson start a journey through their respective dreams with a frenzied stop in a Mexican town where they meet Patty (Angie Cepeda), who sees in them the hope for a better life. All of them are accidentally involved in the lives of some shady men (Luis Tosar, Joaquín Cosío, Jim Parrack). A road trip, a story about the virtue of surviving and the right of each individual to choose their own ending.
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A Night in Old Mexico / A Night in Old Mexico Online HD izle

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